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Solar Battery Storage

Solar batteries enable you to store the energy your solar panels generate, so you can benefit from stored energy during the evening and overnight.


Annually, a solar battery can provide you with and additional 30% more solar energy.   Home-energy storage also reduces the electricity you use from the grid, cutting your energy bills and saving you money.

As accredited solar PV panel installers, Lux Electrical Wiltshire can add solar battery storage to your solar panel installation.  We can also advise on what size battery will suit your property best.  If you already have a solar panel installation, we can add battery storage to it.

If you have an Electric Vehicle Charge point and a special night time tariff with your electric supplier, so the night time electricity is much cheaper for you, then you can benefit from having a battery installed even without solar panels.You can charge the battery over night at the cheaper rate and then use this power throughout the day.

Battery storage stores the power you generate for use at night when your solar panels have stopped generating.

Solar Thermal:  We can also install a device to divert any spare solar energy to your hot water tank to heat your hot water.

CAll us now for more information or advice on renewable energy and solar battery installations in and around Melksham Wiltshire, Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Somerset - we are happy to help!



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