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Solar PV Panel Consultations

Solar energy consultations


Lux Electrical Wiltshire's solar energy team will assess your energy and solar panel requirements and advise the best options for your property, e.g. whether it is best suited to solar PV panels on your roof or free standing solar panels or in your garden or on the ground.  We will also assess what type of roof you have, its angle and direction (south-facing is ideal) and ask you to ascertain whether or not planning permission is required.

We can explain the benefits and feasibility of solar energy solutions and recommend the most suitable solar systems for your needs.

We can also demonstrate how smart systems enable you to use and control the electricity you generate and how using solar energy rather than electricity from your supplier can significantly reduce your fuel bills.

Once we have analysed your energy requirements, we can provide you with tailored recommendations for the most appropriate solar panel installation for your needs.

We calculate the size of solar system you can have installed, approximately how much energy it can generate, how much money you can save, and how soon the return will pay for your investment.

We can also advise on using solar battery storage to store the energy your panels generate, so you can use it in peak times to maximise savings.

We also explain how you can make money by selling surplus energy you do not need back to the grid via the Solar Export Tariff. 


To discuss available options or simply find out more, contact us now and our qualified solar panel installer will give you a call.



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For information or advice on how you can benefit from installing solar panels in or around Melksham Wiltshire, Trowbridge, Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Somerset please call



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